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Periodic Inspection Training

MTA member: $395

Non-MTA Member: $495


August 15, 2024

November 14, 2024

MTA developed its exclusive Periodic Inspection Training (PIT) course to help satisfy the FMCSA requirement that a "qualified" individual includes a mechanic or technician that has participated in a state-sponsored training program.

Participants receive written verification of having completed the course that may be used for audit purposes.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding inspection criteria for required parts and accessories
  • Reviewing 49 CFR Part 396 Appendix A minimum periodic inspection standards
  • Comparing North American Uniform Vehicle Inspection Procedures and 49 CFR Part 396 Appendix A
  • Contrasting Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Out-of-Service-Criteria with the FMCSA annual inspection
  • Understanding periodic inspection paperwork

Materials Provided

  • Exclusive MTA Periodic Inspection Training manual
  • CVSA North American Out-of-Service Criteria guide
  • Individual certificate of completion
  • Individual verification of annual inspector qualification training

MTA Member: $75

Non-MTA Member: $100



July 18, 2024

October 17, 2024

Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Drug and Alcohol Training specifically meets the unique needs of supervisors in the trucking industry. This concise program covers crucial aspects, including DOT regulations, identifying signs of substance abuse, communication techniques, documentation, and the supervisor's role in the testing process.

This training satisfies the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) mandatory supervisor training requirements: Employers must provide at least 60 minutes training each on both alcohol and controlled substances misuse to all persons who supervise drivers in accordance with 49 CFR §382.603.

This course also includes Alcohol and Drug Clearinghouse training. As mandated by FMCSA, the Clearinghouse is a critical tool for ensuring the safety and compliance of commercial drivers. Participants will gain insights into Clearinghouse registration, reporting requirements, query processes, and the impact on hiring practices.



MTA*, Truckload Carrier Association and NATMI Members: $395

Non-Member: $495

*MTA members must contact MTA to receive discount code


The North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) exists to improve the performance and productivity of the professionals directly responsible for effective fleet and driver performance – risk managers, safety and security directors, maintenance managers and commercial driver trainers.


Accident Prevention, Management & Investigation

August 27, 2024

Learn the three categories of accidents, three levels of accident investigation, and basic accident definitions.

  • Introduction and definitions: Learn the three categories of accidents, three levels of accident investigation, and basic accident definitions.
  • Accident prevention and management: Accident prevention begins with the driver during the first stages of hiring.  Explore procedures for interviewing, screening, and conducting background checks on driver applicants; driver incentive programs, disciplinary policies and procedures; fatigue and hours of service regulations; company training programs; as well as the role of fleet maintenance in accident prevention.
  • Managing the police and media:  Understand the need to develop relationships with law enforcement organizations, as well as the benefits of a good media relations policy.
  • Reading and interpreting police accident reports: All states have an accident report form, but very few if any have the identical reporting procedures. Investigate and understand the coding and notations on accident reports.
  • Data collection at the accident scene:  Develop necessary tools to utilize based on the depth of the investigation required; recording evidence and identifying primary vs. secondary evidence; proper photographic documentation of the scene.
  • Locating and interviewing witnesses: Learn basic questions to ask all witnesses and occupants of involved vehicles and to utilize an accident reporting kit.
  • Speed estimates:  Determine vehicle speed from tire marks, critical speeds of curves, combined speeds, skip and gap skids, drag factors, and test skid procedures.


  • Prevent / reduce accidents
  • Manage police and media interactions
  • Manage accident investigations effectively:
    • Documentation and evidence collection
    • Interviewing witnesses
  • Reduce accident-related costs

MTA*, Truckload Carrier Association and NATMI Members: $1,295

Non-Member: $1,495

*MTA members must contact MTA to receive discount code

Certified Safety Director/Safety Supervisor (CDS/CSS)

October 28-November 1, 2024

Further your career opportunities through this four-day training course and certification exam designed for fleet safety management professionals.  After this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the role of the safety supervisor in implementing quality fleet safety programs.
  • Implement record keeping systems to meet DOT and OSHA regulatory requirements.
  • Conduct basic on-site accident investigations and compile accident reports
  • Implement procedures to prevent employee injury and control workers’ compensation claims.
  • Apply strategies to hire successfully.
  • Identify and implement strategies to improve driver retention.
  • Identify safety-related training needs and deliver effective safety training programs.
  • Describe the benefits and requirements for becoming a NATMI certified safety professional.
  • Establish safety policy and procedures.
  • Apply quality management principles and tools to safety management.
  • Develop measurement standards and control systems for fleet safety.
  • Analyze company records to quantify the Return on Investment of safety programs.
  • Evaluate critical data in each technical program area covered in this course.
  • Make recommendations to establish and continuously improve safety programs.
  • Act as an advocate for safety in their company.
  • Create a company safety culture and “sell” upper management on the safety philosophy.

MTA*, Truckload Carrier Association and NATMI Members: $1,295

Non-Member: $1,495

*MTA members must contact MTA to receive discount code

Certified Maintenance & Equipment Director/Safety Supervisor (CDME/CSME)

November 4-6, 2024

The program covers topics essential to effective management and administration of fleet maintenance operations.  Students learn how to cut costs through efficient use of personnel, equipment, and technology, while complying with government regulations affecting maintenance operations.


  • Learn to schedule work effectively.
  • Learn effective information management and use of computer technology in maintenance.
  • Develop supervision skills to motivate technicians.
  • Learn essential preventive maintenance skills.
  • Learn how to deal with upper management effectively.
  • Learn how to develop, track and evaluate training programs.
  • Learn how to present effective meetings and programs.
  • Understand the regulations that cover maintenance operations.