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MTA Center for Decision Driving is Now Open!

"I recommend skid pad training 1000%. I especially enjoyed learning about 'sweep steering' and how to keep traction on the steer tires. The instructors were very informative. Thank you for the opportunity." -- Jeff Jenkins, driver, Davis Cartage Company

MCDD Skid Pad


  • Michigan domiciled company drivers (in-state): $125
  • Non-Michigan domiciled company drivers (out-of-state):$325
  • Each class maximum: 10 students

About MCDD

Known as Michigan's skid pad, MTA Center for Decision Driving (MCDD) teaches professional truck drivers defensive-driving techniques both in the classroom and behind the wheel on the facility's skid course.

Located at Eaton Corporation's Proving Grounds in Marshall, MI, classes are held Monday-Wednesday on a first-come, first served basis. Class begins promptly at 9:00 am and concludes around 5:00 pm.

Pre-registration is required. Training is administered by Michigan Trucking Association safety professionals.*


  • Classroom

In-class training teaches drivers basic types of vehicle crashes, their causes, decision-driving principals and an overview of the skid pad.

  • Skid Pad

Drivers practice maneuvering techniques on both wet and dry pavement.  They are then evaluated on their ability to make dynamic driving decisions when confronted with potential accident situations.

Skills Development

Areas of emphasis include:

  • Braking control
  • Skid control techniques
  • Off-road recovery (counter-steering)
  • Cornering (city and highway)
  • Serpentine maneuvers
  • Evasive action exercises
  • Jackknife control and recovery
  • Factors affecting stopping distances

Cancellation Policy

Student cancellations made less than 72 hours (3 business days) before the start of scheduled training are subject to a cancellation fee of $75. Students who do not cancel and do not attend class will forfeit the registration fee.

To cancel, change class date or change driver contact 800-682-4682 or

*MTA Center for Decision Driving is operated by the Michigan Trucking Association and funded in part by State of Michigan Truck Safety Funds.

The MTA Center for Decision Driving is proudly supported by