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Advocacy: One Voice

Make yourself heard on both the state and federal levels through a strong, unified political voice.

Whether opposing burdensome regulatory proposals, fighting punitive taxes or fees, working with key stakeholders to foster economic growth, or discussing the essentiality of Michigan’s trucking industry, MTA leads the way.

23 Call on Washington

Washington, DC

2025: TBD

MTA members are invited to participate in American Trucking Associations’ Call on Washington. MTA’s delegation, led by MTA’s President, attends pre-set appointments in Washington, DC with Michigan senators and state representatives, key congressional staff, federal regulators and fellow industry leaders to discuss those issues vital to the state’s trucking industry.

Michigan Truck PAC

This political action committee is the sole medium through which the Association can participate financially in election campaigns. Your personal support of PAC is crucial to the financial well-being of the trucking industry—especially when discussing weight, tax and registration fee legislation.

Contact Jill Sokacz to find out how to contribute to Michigan Truck PAC.