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Safety on the Road/Fleet Safety Awards

Each summer, MTA goes on the road to honor drivers and companies that have excelled in promoting and maintaining a culture of safety.

Driver of the Year

MTA’s Driver of the Year is awarded to an individual driver who has been nominated by his or her company. Each nomination is scored by third-party safety personnel based on accident record, over-the-road mileage, customer service and professionalism. The driver receiving the highest score is recognized as Driver of the Year. Awards are presented at the drivers’ terminals so they may share their recognition with their peers


Fleet Safety Awards

MTA member carriers operating three or more vehicles or combination of vehicles are eligible to receive a Fleet Safety Award. Based on Michigan-only operations, fleets compete based on number of accidents and mileage. Awards go to fleets with lowest frequency rate in each category.  The Excellence in Fleet Safety Grand Champion award is then presented to one of the companies based on miles driven, number of accident-free miles and specific best practice safety protocols undertaken by the company.

Companies are recognized in nine categories:

  • General commodities-local
  • General commodities-intercity
  • Household goods
  • Vehicle transportation
  • Heavy haulers
  • Tank truck
  • Oil haulers
  • Private carriers
  • Miscellaneous

Maintenance Technician of the Year

Maintenance Technician of the Year honors those persons that keep your trucks rolling 24/7. Their due diligence is vital to your company’s operations and profitability. Based on performance and work ethic, one technician will be chosen from among the field of outstanding nominees.


Safety Professional of the Year

Safety Professional of the Year is the highest honor MTA bestows upon a company’s Safety Director. These individuals are dedicated to the welfare of their drivers, company and the motoring public, all of whom are directly affected by their actions.

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