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MTA Membership Application

As a result of changes made by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993,
95% of membership dues are deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Determine which category best suites your type of business.  Then click the link to the appropriate application for your category.

For-Hire Motor Carrier:

Michigan Based Motor Carrier:

Out-of-State Based Motor Carrier:

Fleet of two (2) or more vehicles. Annual dues are based on Gross Operating Revenue (GOR) in Michigan:

>$1,500,001=.0004 x GOR
Maximum dues = $6,300

Michigan Based Motor Carrier online application

Fleet of two (2) or more vehicles. Annual dues based on GOR multiplied by percentage of Michigan miles traveled (Adjusted GOR):

>$1,500,001=.0004 x Adjusted GOR
Maximum dues = $6,300

Out-of-State Motor Carrier online application

Private Carrier:

Those companies whose primary nature of business is not trucking, but use trucks to transport their own goods. Annual dues are based on number of trucks:

Up to 3 trucks = $225
4 - 20 trucks = $330
> 20 trucks = $330 + an additional $11.50 per trucks over 20.
Maximum dues = $1,200
Government / Tax Exempt Agencies (e.g., municipalities, not-for-profit organizations) regardless of fleet size = $150

Private Carrier online application


Those companies who provide goods & services to the trucking industry. Annual dues based upon account locations:

Local accounts (within 50 miles of primary location): $330 annually
Statewide accounts: $400 annually
National accounts: $525 annually
Domiciled outside of Michigan: $525 annually

Associate online application

Owner / Operator:

A person who owns one vehicle and leases his/her services to a motor carrier. Annual dues are a flat rate of $90.00 annually.

Owner / Operator online application

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