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Safety Products: Hazardous Materials

NEW: 2012 Emergency Response Guidebooks
Item# C0963

This book is a must if you are required to carry hazardous materials shipping papers.

Developed by the DOT, this guide ensures that your personnel will know the dangers associated with specific chemicals and the step-by-step procedure for responding to an accident, fire, spill or leak of hazardous materials.

Updated every four years.

1 - 24 guidebooks:

Member: $3.50@

Non-Member: $4.50@

25 or more guidebooks:

Member: $3.00@

Non-Member: $4.00@



Handling Hazardous Materials:
Item# C0990

A complement to the Title 49 Regulations, this book helps interpret the regulations for transporting hazardous materials, wastes and substances.

Explains how to develop a company program for handling hazardous materials and contains a complete listing of regulated hazardous materials.

Provides a list of placards and labels with instructions for application.

Member: $18.50

Non-Member: $21.50

Drivers Guide to Hazardous Materials - Pocket Edition:
Item# C0995

An easy-to-read reference for drivers. Includes:

Guide for recognizing Haz Mat shipments
Routing and parking requirements
Labeling and placarding requirements

1 - 49 books:

Member: $4.25@

Non-Member: $4.75@

50 or more books:

Member: $4.00@

Non-Member: $4.50@



Title 49 Hazardous Materials Regulations:
Item# C0501

This is a must if you transport hazardous materials, especially if repackaging or carrying cylinders.  Volume covers Parts 100 - 185.

Member: $35.00

Non-Member: $42.00



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