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Be a decision maker!

Serve on an MTA Committee!
Be one of the decision makers in the Michigan Trucking Association. Serve on one of the active committees of the MTA. The committees were designed to address the more specialized needs of the association and the trucking industry. Consider the wide variety of goals and tasks each committee undertakes - could one of them benefit from your input?

T. D. C.

Truck Driver Championship Committee
Committee plans and executes the annual Truck Driver Championship, held June each year.

The TDC committee has regular meetings three (3) times per year from January through June.

This is a hands-on committee - you will be expected to attend committee meetings, the event, and participate in judging, fund raising, publicity and / or other activities before and during the actual event.

Governmental Affairs

Governmental Affairs Committee
Committee has regular meetings three (3) times per year (in January, May and August) and acts as mandated by the MTA By Laws, Article X, Section 5.

The Governmental Affairs Committee works closely with the Executive Director, the Executive Committee and the Board of Governors in reviewing state legislative activity affecting the motor transportation industry.

The committee makes recommendations to the Board of Governors concerning what position the Association shall take on such legislation.

This committee's responsibility also includes recommending legislation for introduction in the House or Senate as deemed appropriate to satisfy the Association's goals; and additionally, developing strategy to pass or defeat legislation.


I accept your invitation to participate on a committee!

I'm interested in joining a committee!

Committee members receive written notification of each meeting at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting.



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